Rachel Boucher

Rachel Boucher

Author | Musician | Teacher

Author | Musician | Teacher

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About the author

Meet Rachel Boucher, a passionate storyteller weaving tales that touch the heart. With a joint honours degree in English and Music, Rachel's journey into the world of literature was sparked by her deep love for language and the arts.

As an educator, Rachel finds inspiration in the bright eyes of her students, whose curiosity fuels her own creativity. Her dedication to fostering equality stems from her experiences as an LGBT individual and her work with children from diverse backgrounds.

Beyond writing, Rachel shares her musical talents on stage, captivating audiences with her performances. She is also a world traveller, drawing inspiration from the rich cultures and traditions of faraway lands.

In Rachel's stories, you'll find echoes of empathy, diversity, and the beauty of the human experience. Through her words, she hopes to inspire others to embrace their own unique stories and celebrate the richness of life.

Awkward Ramblings and mindful musings

Join Rachel as she gives you an unfiltered look into what it looks like to be an author, teacher and world traveller.

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The Electi

Modern Simple Minimalist Frames

A 'Notable' novel in Shelf Magazine's top 100 Indie novels of 2023

Earth as we know it has changed. Since the Nuclear War, it has become an unrecognisable place. Fresh air is a thing of the past, real food has been replaced with 'simulated meal drinks', and nobody can safely venture outside without a respirator. In Anglia, one of only two countries still standing, society has been divided into two social classes: Electi and Treb. The Electi rule over the Trebs, treating them with discrimination and hate. To be a Treb means experiencing the worst schools, homes, and jobs - and, of course, living in fear of what the Electi will do next.

"A hugely impressive first novel that showcases the author’s innate storytelling skills as much as it does her passion for inclusivity and sensitivity, The Electi is a guaranteed to find favour with its intended audience and pique their interest to read more from this inspiring new author."

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C.U.L.T - A new musical

C.U.L.T the musical follows the journey of Jane, a dissatisfied office worker tired of the grind. After being hassled by strangers with flyers for weeks on end, she finally relents and moves away to join a cult. Will it give her the freedom she imagined, or is there something sinister hiding behind the tie-dye and incense?

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